Aesthetics.  It is not just a word. In fact, the way we display communities, and even our homes, create a lasting impression for all. When speaking to a buyer recently, she said that one of her greatest reason for moving in Kinnelon, NJ was because of the natural beauty that is everywhere and there is minimal litter on the roadways.  She was sick and tired of seeing garbage on the streets of her old town.  I reminded her that litter is a problem everywhere, but many folks in Kinnelon are caring enough to stop and pick things up.  In fact, every April, hundreds of like-minded people can be seen socializing or simply walking around with headphones on helping to beautify many North Jersey towns.  Additionally, many people participate in smaller community cleanups around their lakes and neighborhoods.

(Without pontificating too much, it doesn’t take much energy to bend down and pick something up – in fact, modeling this in front of your children is a lifelong lesson in respect, pride, and class.  Actions do speak louder than words.)

Likewise, improving the aesthetics in one’s home prior to a sale is also a must! Here are some simple tips to ponder before you decide to list your home for sale:

Keep the front of your home clean and your entryway looking its best.  Use appropriately seasonal décor to
spice up your home’s façade.

Keep all trash receptacles stored out of sight.

Make sure your landscape is at its best.

Allow as much light as possible to enter into your home.

De-clutter rooms, walkways, and surfaces – Less is always more!

If you are repainting, choose light earth tones to evoke a calm feeling within your home.  (In fact, visit paint stores and some stores like Pottery Barn and ask for their sample colors of the year.)

Make sure that each room has a focal point – buyers will intuitively look for one!


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